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True Blue Coffee Co.

“Coffee”. The mere mention of this fragrant beverage completely evokes the senses. A staple of early morning risers, industrious individuals and those with a simple craving for a ‘Cuppa Joe’, this caffeine-laden drink rouses the soul and inspires the mind.

Since joining the human race’s menu over 600-years ago, coffee has been presented in a variety of ways – from the quick-fire espresso, to the elegant café latte; the light city roasts to the darker blends of New Orleans; Columbian flavour to that iconic Italian aroma – one thing is certain: There is good coffee and there is bad coffee.

At The True Blue Coffee Co, we only do good – hell, we’re great at what we do! Our obsessive pursuit of excellence – reflected in years of superb work, passion and dedication – shows in our exceptional selection of fine coffees. Carefully blended, chosen for its unique qualities and premium taste, The True Blue Coffee Co will take you on a leisurely journey through the ages. We believe only in the best coffee available, extensively tried and gleefully tasted… I mean, tested. After all, what’s the point of caffeine-fuelled excellence if it isn’t the best cup of java around?

The greatest people you’ll ever meet come here for the rich literature, narcotic music, renowned art-work and, of course, our premium blended True Blue Coffee. Our thoughtfully decorated ambiance, and leisurely furniture will make you feel at home and at luxury at the same time. Experience a myriad of iconic reads, novels, volumes and biographies – not bought, but chosen from the private collections of the self-same people who give True Blue our enigmatic soul, all for your reading pleasure. From the upstairs buzz of body-etched masterpieces, to the fragrant scent of baked delights accompanied by the engaging murmur of trend-setting individuals, our stylish café-cum-parlour will put you to comfort in no time.

We’re joining Pretoria’s hospitality revolution, charging to the forefront of the scene and bringing our talent with us. Come along, experience something you haven’t before and see it for yourself. True Blue welcomes you to our newest spot – loaded with good people, a trendy scene and, of course, great coffee!

Come join us!

13 Firwood Avenue, The Village, Hazelwood, Pretoria, 0081

Call: 062 036 4052

Email: info@truebluecoffeeco.co.za

We are open:
Monday – Sunday 8am – 5pm